Easter Treats

I don’t know how I didn’t realize that Easter is a lot sooner than later! (Considering next Tuesday is Fat Tuesday, right?) So, as I was browsing the Dollar General today, I collected up some candy, spring Play-Doh, and cute bags to put it all in. Overall, I spent about $15 – that’s only $3.75 for each of my 4 nieces and nephews. I put a Play-Doh in each bag, chocolate eggs, sixlets, a marshmallow bunny, bubble gum eggs, skittles, a lollipop, and a strawberry Jell-O. It’s a fun, little, inexpensive treat for them to enjoy on Easter from their Awesome Aunt.

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Check out my Vine Video on my Easter Treat Bags!


Little Swimmers

With the weather getting warmer, and summer right around the corner (well, hopefully, behind that icy, snowy corner that has been this year so far) it’s time to get ready for swim season! No, I’m not talking about getting your body in shape for swimsuit season, I’m talking about teaching the little ones to swim!


My niece, Ireland, just took swim lessons the other day, which made me think: how many young children out there don’t know how to swim or are scared to swim alone – probably a decent amount. I was lucky enough to grow up with a swimming pool, and now my nieces and nephews have the same opportunity – my mom claims she just threw me in the pool one day with floaties on and hoped for the best (she wasn’t far away, obviously, in case I hated it). However, if you’d like to go about teaching your little ones to swim in a different manner, here is a great article from Junior Magazine that has tips and tricks for when you’re teaching the little ones to swim. If you start now, you could have them on Michael Phelps’ level by summer time.

Kids Say the Funniest Things: Part 2


Today’s story is about one of my favorite little guys, my nephew, Teagan. On Friday, I called home to talk to my mom while I was doing laundry. First, my niece Abby picked up the phone and was telling me about how she was playing with Teagan, then I could hear my mom say, “Okay, now it’s his turn.” Teagan got on the phone and started talking to me, and he was telling me about how they were making cupcakes and that he was having fun with Abby and Grandma, then he goes, “Okay, I’m going to be done soon.” I could hear him hand the phone to my mom and then I heard him say, “Put it away now,” in a completely serious voice. I guess I was interrupting cupcake time and he had enough of my talking! It’s okay though, I understand how important cupcakes are.

Fun on a Snow Day

Oh boy, is it ever going to stop snowing? I don’t think so at this point, I’m pretty convinced it’s going to be winter forever! Now, I know my little nieces and nephew love being out in the snow, and I don’t know about all of you, but I’m sure you get a little exhausted after pulling them around on a sled and chasing after them for hours.


Here’s an activity that can mix snow and art, and it doesn’t require you to trudge through the snow after the kids. Get a couple of spray bottles and fill them up with water and food coloring; kool aid works, too. That’s all you have to do, then let them create a masterpiece in your front yard. Join in the fun or relax on the porch with a cup of hot chocolate, you earned it.

I found this idea on Pink and Green Mama.

Repurpose Old Containers into New Fun


I am all about saving money where you can and being creative. This post on The Activity Mom has a list of crafts and activities that you can create by using empty bottles and containers. It has a variety of learning activities, crafts, and small travel kits to keep kids entertained on long trips. Be an awesome aunt and make a jet pack for a teddy bear out of an old water bottle or a water run out of various shaped bottles. Click here to get the full list of fun.


They’ll Find You!

bathroom, kids, funny

Oh my, I would like to know the fascination that little kids have with the bathroom! Even when they don’t have to go, they feel the need to come into the bathroom with you. Whenever I’m home to visit, I feel like I have to sneak off to the bathroom as quietly and as unnoticed as possible. Just when I think I’m home free, there’s usually a knock at the door…”Aunt Laurie, what are you doing?” Who else is with me?