Kids Say the Funniest Things: Part 1

Oh boy, if only I had my phone on record every time my nieces or nephews were talking. I can’t tell you how many times they have made me laugh – they’re all little comedians. So, for this week’s funny moment, I’d like to share two different stories.


The first story is about this little sweetie here. My 21st birthday was in January, and my whole family came to celebrate it. While I was sitting at the kitchen table, early Saturday, waiting for everyone to arrive at the house and watching some tv, Abby came and sat down beside me at the table. I wasn’t paying attention much to what was on the tv, because I was doing some homework on my laptop, and in the background noise I could hear “highway to hell” start playing. Abby perked up, got a big smile across her face, started bobbing her head a little bit and turned to me, in all seriousness, and said, “This is my favorite song!” I couldn’t help but laugh, because I was so surprised by what she just said. I’m pretty sure she hadn’t heard the song before that moment, but just liked the rhythm. What a silly girl.


My next story is about my silly, little red-head. Like I said before, she is 4 going on 14, so she has been developing her personality quite a lot lately. A couple of months ago, my sister was trying to explain to Ireland how Abby is her cousin; you know, the family breakdown. When Jackie was trying to tell Ireland that I was her sister, Ireland , very instantly, said, “Aunt Laurie is not your sister, because she is my friend.” Jackie said that I could be both, but Ireland still insisted that because I was her friend, I was not allowed to be Jackie’s sister. Hey, if she continues to always think I’m cool enough to be her friend, I’ll take it.


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