Kids Say The Funniest Things: Part 4

So, last weekend I was lucky enough to have a Saturday off, so I went back home to Altoona for the weekend. As always, I was excited to get to spend a little bit of time with the nieces and nephews. My sister-in-law brought Teagan over to play for a little bit while she went to work and my brother went to a gun-raffle with my dad. My mom got some of my brother’s old Thomas the Tank Engine toys out from the attic for Teagan to play with – he was super excited, because he loves Thomas. So, of course, he was really into playing with the trains – he set the whole track up and organized all of the different characters how he wanted them, and he even asked me to play. We were having a lot of fun playing with the trains, and then my brother stopped in before heading to the raffle. I told Teagan I’d be right back, I had to get a present for the new baby. I brought out a cute little girls’ panda outfit and showed it to my brother, and said, “I got this for your future daughter, if you have a girl.” Later on, Teagan was checking out the outfit, and I said, “Do you want to wear it,” just jokingly. He scrunched up his face, gave me the evil eye, and said, “No, that’s for the daughter!” I couldn’t help but laugh because of how he worded it – instead of saying that’s for his potential little sister, he said it’s for the daughter. Gotta love him.


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