Respectful Children

Have you ever been in public and saw a child treating his or her parents – or god forbid, a complete stranger – like he or she simply didn’t see them as anything more than an annoyance? Like they had zero respect for the person in question? Does it make you sick in the stomach and think “oh no, the next generation is doomed”?

Have you ever watched your niece or nephew opening her or his birthday presents and say something like, “oh, this isn’t the toy I asked for”? Did it make you cringe a little and think, “just be grateful”?

Kids will say whatever is on their minds. When they’re younger, it’s kind of cute or even gives you a good chuckle when they say something surprising or with a bit of sass. However, if we don’t watch what we are encouraging or brushing off, it could allow the kids in our lives to turn into, dare I say it, ungrateful, disrespectful brats.

I recently read a great article by Huff Post: The Blog. Are we raising an ungrateful generation?

This article really made me think, and have a bit of fear, for the upcoming generations of this world.

What can we do about it? How can we prevent children from thinking this way?

After reading this article, I hopped on over to Pinterest to see if I could find some simple ways to teach the children in your lives how to respect others and respect what they have.

I found this great post on B-Inspired Mama! Blog that gives 15 tips for teaching kids to respect previous generations.

It’s easier to teach kids when they’re younger how to give respect and how to earn respect from others, so let’s be proactive.



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