Disney and Pixar Animation Top 10

If you don’t love Disney and Pixar animated films, then you’re in the wrong place. But if you do, then stay right where you are! I had the day off today, and I turned to Netflix for some binge watching of Disney films – What other way is there to use your day off? I watched Pocahontas, Hercules, and Tarzan.

While I was watching these great movies from my childhood, it made me think – what are my favorite Disney and Pixar animated films? Dozens of titles flooded into my head, I love them all; I’m always going to have a soft-spot for animated films (they’re better than most movies). Well, instead of listing every Disney or Pixar film that was ever created, here’s a run down of my top ten. Trust me, this was a tough decision.

10: The Fox and The Hound (1981)

This movie made the list because it’s one of my boyfriend’s favorites, so I have a soft-spot for it. This is a beautiful story of friendship between two unlikely animals. They face some issues along the way, of course – and of course I cried like a baby..but it’s worth watching, hands down. This movie is one of the reasons I have an infatuation with Basset Hounds and those adorable floppy ears of theirs.

9: A Christmas Carol (2009)

I loved this book when I had to read it in school. I loved The Muppets version of it and the 20 other film versions that are floating around out there that I’ve seen around Christmas time every year. When this Disney version came out in 2009, I got to see it in theaters during a private showing, because I knew one of the animators of the film – it was perfect. It’s the perfect amount of spooky and splendid – and it’s a Christmas movie (I loveeee Christmas time), so of course it made the list.

8: Toy Story 2 (1999)

The Toys are back for a mission to save Woody and two new toys that they will soon discover are lifetime friends (Jesse and Bullseye) from a man in a giant chicken suit. Unfortunately, of the three Toy Story movies, this is my least favorite – but seeing as though it still ranks as #8 on my list, it’s obviously still great. Barbie makes her first appearance as part of the Toy Story bunch in this movie – in 1999, of course I was a Barbie fan, which made this movie that much better. Who am I kidding? I’m still a fan of Barbie.

7: Cinderella (1950)

What little girl didn’t want to be a princess when they were little? Cinderella has always been one of my favorite princesses – she’s a classic. She is blonde – I am blonde. She wears a blue dress – blue is my favorite color. Do you see where I’m going with this? I dreamed of a day where mice and birds would make a dress for me from scratch, you know, before I realized that wasn’t a possibility. Cinderella is still popular today.

6: Toy Story 3 (2010)

This movie came out the summer before I left for college and you best believe I bawled my eyes out – the end of a legacy or the start of a new era for the toys? The toys are on yet another adventure – this time, they’re in a daycare with an evil teddy bear. This one ranked higher than Toy Story 2 because I love the sentiment that came with it – Andy going off to college, all the memories he had with the toys, etc. You’ll definitely need a tissue, or two, or a whole box.

5: Toy Story (1995)

This movie outranks the other two Toy Story movies, because this is the story that started it all. The friendly competition of an old toy vs. a new toy, action, adventure, and imagination. I’ve seen this movie at least a dozen times now, and it still hasn’t gotten old. This movie was probably the reason I thought my toys came to life while I was sleeping.

4: Lilo & Stitch (2002)

Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. And cue the tears. This movie will leave you rooting for the underdog – err underalien. It tugs at your heart strings as you hope for the best for Lilo’s little family. This movie is fun and cute and out of this world (get it?). Not to mention, it has some pretty catchy, island-feeling music that will make you want to hula.

3: Monsters Inc. (2001)

This movie took one of my childhood fears and made it hilarious. I wanted to be Boo, exploring the monster world and causing mayhem. Mike and Sully were a great pair – Sully was big and tall, and Mike was little and funny; it reminded me of my best childhood friend and myself. I still enjoy this movie and my niece, Abby, looks like Boo.

2: Up (2009)

This movie starts out with a beautiful love story, and leaves you sobbing within the first ten minutes. Don’t worry though – there’s brighter horizons ahead. This quirky, little boyscout helps this misunderstood old man fulfill an adventure of a lifetime. Let’s not forget Dug; he is one of the best parts of the movie. Oh! And Kevin (who ends up being a girl), too.

1: Tangled (2010)

The music, the characters, the lanterns. I just loved everything about this movie. Even though it just came out four years ago, I’ve already seen it ten times. I’ve watched it with all of my nieces and nephews at least once – and the other six times were for my own entertainment. It’s witty and cute. Unlike most Disney and Pixar movies, Rapunzel is reunited with both of her parents in the end, which is why I think I love this movie so much.

Now, I’m sure some of you won’t agree with my top ten, which is fine, because I may not agree with it tomorrow. I love all Disney and Pixar movies – and I can’t get enough of them, so I’m glad I have some Disney loving kiddos in my life to give me an excuse to get my Disney and Pixar fill on a regular basis.

Share with me some of your favorites!


Heart Strings

Today, I just wanted to share a sweet little story from my trip home this past weekend; of course it’s about one of my little sweeties, Abby. I got to spend a lot of time with her this past weekend, along with my nephew, Teagan. My mother and I took the two with us while we went shopping and out to eat. They were very well-behaved, despite a little tiff here and there, but that’s understandable, because they’re only 2 and 3. When we got home that day, Abby and Teagan were playing with their toys, entertaining themselves, and out of nowhere, Abby goes, “You know..You always have a room here.” I immediately felt emotional. How does such a little girl offer up a comment that evokes such big emotions? I always have a room at home. I can always come home. She loves when I come to visit, all of the babies do, but after that comment, I never wanted to leave. I can’t believe how grown up these kids are when they’re barely out of their toddler years, and how intelligent they are. The connections they make amaze me.

I know they’re not my children, but I treat them as my own, so this quote fit perfectly.

I Love Being an Aunt

Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for being an aunt to two beautiful nieces and two handsome nephews..and I can’t wait to be an aunt to yet another handsome nephew come October. I get so much joy from all the awesome, wonderful moments they bring to my life. I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to be an aunt or an uncle someday!

Kids Say the Funniest Things: Part 3

Hello Everyone! I am back from spring break and some much needed time with my family – and of course the little ones. I got to spend some quality time with my niece, Abby, and my nephews, Teagan and Gavin. This weeks story is about my niece, Abby.


My nephew, Gavin, is turning 15 on March 17th. So, Abby got her big brother a present for his birthday and couldn’t wait to give it to him. My sister let her give him his present a little early – it was a willow tree angel statue with a big brother and a little sister – (so sweet!) and Gavin told Abby thank you after opening it. My sister asked Abby to give her brother a hug, and she responded, very sternly, “I don’t have time,” and walked off into the other room. I couldn’t help but laugh, because what prior obligations did my three year old niece have that we didn’t know about? Obviously, she had to tend to something very important if she couldn’t even give her brother a hug. She went into the living room to cut up some paper on the floor, so I guess that was really important – for the sake of art.

Later in the week, Abby and I were enjoying some cheese balls at her Lego table, while she made the dog some treats (a.k.a. cut up cardboard into the shape of dog treats). I asked her if she needed a napkin, because her fingers were all cheesy. Her response: “No, you just have to lick them off and wipe them off here,” as she wiped her cheesy fingers on her pants. Great advice – who needs a napkin when you have your pants? – save the trees.

Some other highlights from my trip home: Buying the nieces and nephews new outfits, listening to Abby make up songs and sing about everything (literally everything), taking Abby and Teagan to Chuck E. Cheese, having Teagan make me ‘eggies’, creating outfits for Barbie with Abby, creating sticker masterpieces with Teagan and Abby, and Teagan discovering how the camera on the front of my Iphone works and making a video for Aunt Jackie and Ireland.

Easter Treats

I don’t know how I didn’t realize that Easter is a lot sooner than later! (Considering next Tuesday is Fat Tuesday, right?) So, as I was browsing the Dollar General today, I collected up some candy, spring Play-Doh, and cute bags to put it all in. Overall, I spent about $15 – that’s only $3.75 for each of my 4 nieces and nephews. I put a Play-Doh in each bag, chocolate eggs, sixlets, a marshmallow bunny, bubble gum eggs, skittles, a lollipop, and a strawberry Jell-O. It’s a fun, little, inexpensive treat for them to enjoy on Easter from their Awesome Aunt.

treat bag, easter, candy

Check out my Vine Video on my Easter Treat Bags!

Little Swimmers

With the weather getting warmer, and summer right around the corner (well, hopefully, behind that icy, snowy corner that has been this year so far) it’s time to get ready for swim season! No, I’m not talking about getting your body in shape for swimsuit season, I’m talking about teaching the little ones to swim!


My niece, Ireland, just took swim lessons the other day, which made me think: how many young children out there don’t know how to swim or are scared to swim alone – probably a decent amount. I was lucky enough to grow up with a swimming pool, and now my nieces and nephews have the same opportunity – my mom claims she just threw me in the pool one day with floaties on and hoped for the best (she wasn’t far away, obviously, in case I hated it). However, if you’d like to go about teaching your little ones to swim in a different manner, here is a great article from Junior Magazine that has tips and tricks for when you’re teaching the little ones to swim. If you start now, you could have them on Michael Phelps’ level by summer time.

Fun on a Snow Day

Oh boy, is it ever going to stop snowing? I don’t think so at this point, I’m pretty convinced it’s going to be winter forever! Now, I know my little nieces and nephew love being out in the snow, and I don’t know about all of you, but I’m sure you get a little exhausted after pulling them around on a sled and chasing after them for hours.


Here’s an activity that can mix snow and art, and it doesn’t require you to trudge through the snow after the kids. Get a couple of spray bottles and fill them up with water and food coloring; kool aid works, too. That’s all you have to do, then let them create a masterpiece in your front yard. Join in the fun or relax on the porch with a cup of hot chocolate, you earned it.

I found this idea on Pink and Green Mama.